All levels yoga



& laughing as often as possible

Curated to the needs of your body

Celebrating your strength with every breath

spend an hour dedicated to your well being

Whether you are brand new to yoga or practice daily,

I meet you where you're at,

& we align our practice to meet your hopes & dreams.

Private or semi-private sessions held in Arcadia or the comfort of your home/space.

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Ways We Can Yoga Together

  • Book private yoga | breathwork | meditation | mentorship sessions
    • These are ideal whether you are looking for freedom or structure, if you have specific goals, concerns, or want to call the shots. These can be regularly scheduled or one-offs and are $77 per hour or $107 for 90 minutes.
  • Create your own partner, small group, or family yoga class (ages 12 & up)
    • This is a great way to cultivate time together with people you love. These classes can be done at my place or yours. Investment will be discussed at time of booking & usually ranges between $22 - $44 per participant.
  • Feature yoga at your event
    • Bachelorette parties, baby showers, birthdays, corporate bonding, festivals & beyond. I've taught near & far - always in pursuit of joy & with the promise of customization geared toward your goals / group. Investment will be discussed at time of booking & usually ranges between $16 - $44 per participant depending on group size, content, & location.

  • Try a class at the Village on Camelback
    • Hot Yoga: Mon 9:45 am + Thurs 5:30pm
    • Flow Yoga: Sat 8:00am
  • Try a class at CorePower Yoga (Central Phoenix)
    • Create a profile at & try a free week!

**prices quoted are subject to travel fee for travel time greater than 15 minutes

***cost should never be a barrier to yoga - if you want to work together, but are concerned about cost, please reach out

so we can create an energy exchange that suits us both.


We close each class with a

to remind us that there's a light shining brightly in each human being.

As we move through the world,

may we honor the light in one another and always tend to it within

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Minimalist Line Art Watering Plants