if everything we can imagine is real,

what shall we dream up today?

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Outside of the physical practice of yoga, the work I do is centered in reestablishing a kind, balanced relationship with ourselves.

As we heal, we inevitably notice shifts in our:

  • self worth
  • body image
  • overall wellbeing

  • mental health
  • energy
  • abundance

  • digestion
  • relationships
  • physical pain

Working with me

in the capacity of a mentor, teacher, or coach

We all want to feel better, achieve more, stress less, & feel grounded in the present moment, but how? We're drowning in resources, feeling more overwhelmed than ever.

Yoga reminds us to:

Breathe into how we want to feel:

joyful, present, grounded,

courageous, worthy,

connected, loved, enough.

Trust your way there.

You already hold all of the love, light, & wisdom within.

You are your own best teacher,

become your own best friend.

Esoteric Mystic Spiritual Symbol. Eye, Moonlight.

Learn how to be your own hype person

as we connect to up level your self-love

This work is rooted in yoga philosophies, psychology, science, law of attraction, & the many books, teachers, & life experiences I've been exposed to thus far. Together, we will soften the relationship with self, release held tension/triggers, shift away from defamatory self-talk, come to better understand the mind, body, breath connection & promote ease. My role is to hold a (metaphorical) mirror in front of you - to remind you of the radiant, capable being that you are.

we compassionately focus on you & the validity of your experiences in order to release stored beliefs & expand our capacity for joy.

You are an unstoppable, magnetic force for good. Free from judgement, you will begin to shed the layers of shame or pain & see yourself for all that you are, & all that you truly can be.

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Capable of ANYTHING you allow yourself to be

*These kindness conversations are $77 an hour.

They can be prorated for shorter times & occur in person | phone | text | zoom | on hikes | etc.

group activities + workshops available as well, structured similarly to the yoga offerings.

Want to talk after yoga? Attend a class & then reserve time to have a cup of tea & a kindness conversation with me. Life is too sweet for discontentment. The focus is always on bringing you back to the soul centered version of yourself.