nba legend phil jackson famously had his basketball teams meditate together as part of their training.

Creating change in our interpersonal wellness,

directly impacts our professional capabilities.

through my own professional journey, i worked in start-ups, social work, fitness boutiques, large companies, & high end restaurants, & other small businesses. though my potential lent well to many roles and gained me access to many leaders (some inspiring, some ghoulish, & everywhere in between.) i found myself trying desperately to fit into some box that allowed me to feel at home in my professional life.

yoga became that space for me. it’s now a privilege to bring the lessons of modern day life through a mindful lens into your workspace or community group.

i’m grateful to work with businesses, leaders, & communities of all sizes, helping bring ideas of grounding, gratitude, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, energy budgets, communication, & deescalation.

our capacity for collaboration is bountiful.

in order to build an experience that fits

your vision/group.

sample speaking topics

i can. i am. i will.

you are doing amazing things. it can be hard to see that when we’re in it.

“i can. i am. i will.” is about recognizing that whatever the “it” is in our lives right now… we are doing it. we can. we are and we will continue.

establishing a

gratitude practice

gratitude is a mood booster with the capacity to change the brain. breathe into ideas of neuroplasticity, demystify the buzz of gratitude, & leave with tools to continually shift your lens.

energy budget

in the businessworld (or other places cliches thrive) this is the work smarter, not harder methodology through a mindfulness lens.

"the story i'm

making up is"

creating space for approachable, honest, & vulnerable conversations in all aspects of life rooted in Brené Brown' Rising Strong work.

corporate clients

Dry in the Desert